Some pictures from the past.

My first US car. A 1964 Dodge Dart GT. I bought the car 1976.

I allso had a 1966 Dodge Dart GT. I painted the -66 in the same color.

Pictures from the Wheels Pick-nick in Örebro 1978.

This picture is from the Wheels Magazine.
Between the Chevy-59 and the Mercury-58: Myself,Roy,Mona,Monica,unknown,Yvonne,Christer (the owner of the -58)

The same cars (pictures are taken by myself).                  From the back-seat of the Mercury

Crusin and Power Meet Jönköping 1981.

My friend Anders and myself taking pictures from the back-seat in his 1955 Chrysler.

Picture from Power Magazine.

The same Windsor -55 and my brother's Buick and a Beetle with a V8 in the trunk:)

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