Short videoclips.

Some clips of our 1960 Impala.

Our Wurlitzer 1900 from 1956.

Playing Carl Perkins, Matchbox, from 1956 as well.

From Car and Bike Meet in Askersund 2010-07-24.

The Jet Aways

Crusin Meet Mariestad 2008
  Crusin Meet Mariestad 2007
  Short clip of our 1960 Chevrolet Impala
  Philips recordplayer Auto Mignon AG2101.
Manufactured between 1959-1963 by Philips in Holland.
Connected to a modern CD-player. In the 60:s it was connected to the radio. And yes it works fine even if the road has bumps:)
The 45 rpm is "Feel So Fine" with Johnny Preston from 1960.